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JRP celebrates 25 years with new industrial unit

JRP Flooring Products celebrated its 25th anniversary with the inauguration of the new industrial unit in the Jaime Silva Business Park, in Pedrome, Santa Catarina da Serra.

With a global investment in the order of 2.5 million euros, the new industrial unit includes two factories, metal joints and hardeners, with automated production lines that will allow the significant reinforcement of production capacity, the increase in exports and the conquest of new markets.

For Paulo Primitivo, managing director of JRP Flooring Products, «this new industrial unit represents a major commitment to industry 4.0, with a significant transformation of manufacturing methods, allowing the production of hardeners and metallic joints of high quality and more efficiently».

The machinery for automating processes in this specific industry was a great challenge for the company, «we couldn't find machines on the market for the processes we wanted, so we resorted to Portuguese technology and engineering and developed unique machines that even caused surprise to competitors worldwide in the area of metal joints», points out Paulo Primitivo.

The new factory also reinforces the focus on product quality and certification, with the creation of a specific ETA (European Technical Approval) to certify metal joints, which exponentially increases JRP Flooring Products' competitiveness in foreign markets.